A Little History

SPR Gear was created in late 2012, with the goal of providing simple and effective accessories for runners of all levels. SPR Gear is a division of SPR Design Inc., a product development and engineering company. With your help and support, we hope to grow this little company to something bigger. Our first product, SUMO-Grip, was conceived during a long run and after numerous stops to lace up shoes. We needed a simple solution to secure laces in all weather conditions, and the few options already available were either too expensive or complicated to use. And we didn't want the user to have to replace their laces for each pair of shoes. Our aim is to develop and offer new products every year.

Early version of our SUMOgrip



Proud to be Local

Being a small company has it benefits; such as being dynamic and flexible. Having the dog in the office is also neat.
We perform all design and engineering at our office, and keep all production local.



The Team

Steve is a mechanical design engineer with over 15 years experience in consumer, industral and military product development. He is an avid runner and practitioner of kyokushin karate. steve@sprgear.com
Penny manages the day-to-day operations, making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Besides being a dedicated runner, she also loves to box.

At the 2013 RocknRoll Montreal Marathon



Our Philosophy

Keep things simple.
Running should be a simple and visceral activity and the more we add to it, the less natural it becomes. With that in mind, our products are designed to address specific problems and resolve them with simple and effective solutions. We hope you agree.